All Authors : Roaring Brook

John Kane

The Human Alphabet; Dissident Democrats

Sheila Keenan

As the Crow Flies; Castle: How It Works; Jet Plane: How It Works; Toilet: How It Works

Bill Keller

Tree Shaker

David A. Kessler, M.D.

The End of Overeating; Your Food Is Fooling You

Stephen Michael King

Prudence Wants a Pet

Dick King-Smith

The Mouse Family Robinson; Hairy Hezekiah; Clever Duck; Dinosaur Trouble

Bert Kitchen

Whoo Goes There?; The Frog; Otter; The Barn Owl

Kazuno Kohara

Ghosts in the House!; Here Comes Jack Frost; The Midnight Library

Amy Goldman Koss

Poison Ivy; Side Effects; The Not-So-Great Depression

Maxine Kumin

Oh, Harry!