Rogue In My Arms

The Runaway Brides

The Runaway Brides (Volume 2)

Celeste Bradley

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When Sir Colin Lambert learns that the little girl left on the steps of his gentleman’s club belongs to one of its members, he’s filled with hope. Could Melody be the daughter of the beautiful, impulsive actress who broke his heart? Colin is determined to find out with the help of his lost love’s former seamstress, Miss Prudence Filby. But soon, Pru’s disarming manner and seductive voice are stirring all manner of doubts in his mind—as well as some delicious fantasies…

Pru’s only motivation in helping Colin is to reclaim the wages she’s owed. Or at least, it was, before days and nights traveling together draw them into a heated, thrilling intimacy. But as soon as Pru discovers his noble status, she suspects she’s been a fool. To a man of his standing, she can hardly be more than a dalliance, even if their scorching passion makes her long to take center stage in his life—and in his arms…

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Three and a half years later . . .
Sir Colin Lambert had thought nanny duty would be so simple. After all, perfectly idiotic people raised children every day. Well, except that his own father had made rather a muck of it, and then had dumped him on the doorstep of his aunt, but Colin had come out all right, hadn’t he?
So it couldn’t be so very difficult, could it? He was an intelligent fellow, some might even say a brilliant scholar. He’d been knighted for his work, after all. Furthermore, one would think that having a platoon of younger cousins had granted

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Praise for Rogue In My Arms


"Bradley doesn't disappoint with the second in her Runaway Brides trilogy, which is certain to have readers laughing and crying. Her characters leap off the page, especially little three year old Melody, the precocious "heroine," and her three fathers. There's passion, adventure, non-stop action and secrets that make the pages fly by." --Romantic Times BOOKreviews (4 1/2 stars, Top Pick!)

"When it comes to crafting fairy tale–like, wonderfully escapist historicals, Bradley is unrivaled, and the second addition to her Runaway Brides trilogy cleverly blends madcap adventure and sexy romance." --Booklist


"From its unconventional prologue to its superb conclusion, every page of the first in Bradley's Runaway Brides series is perfection and joy. Tinged with humor that never overshadows the poignancy and peopled with remarkable characters (especially the precocious Melody) who will steal your heart, this one's a keeper." --Romantic Times BOOKreviews

“Laughter, tears, drama, suspense, and a heartily deserved happily-ever-after.” –All About Romance


“Passionate and utterly memorable. Witty dialogue and fantastic imagery round out a novel that is a must have for any Celeste Bradley fan.”—Romance Junkies

"A marvelous, delightful, emotional conclusion to Bradley’s trilogy. Readers have been eagerly waiting to see what happens next, and they’ve also been anticipating a nonstop, beautifully crafted story, which Bradley delivers in spades.”—Romantic Times BOOKreviews


“This spectacular, fast-paced, sexy romance will have you in laughter and tears. With delightful characters seeking love and a title, [this] heartfelt romance will make readers sigh with pleasure.”—Romantic Times BOOKreviews

“Not only fun and sexy but relentlessly pulls at the heartstrings. Ms. Bradley has set the bar quite high with this one!”—Romance Readers Connection


 “A humorous romp of marriage mayhem that’s a love-and-laughter treat, tinged with heated sensuality and tenderness. [A] winning combination.” —Romantic Times BOOKreviews

“A tale of lies and treachery where true love overcomes all.”—Romance Junkies


“Thrilling up to the last page, titillating from one sexually charged love scene to the next, and captivating from beginning to end, the last of the Royal Four series displays Bradley’s ability to tell an involved, sexy story. If you haven’t yet read a Bradley novel, let yourself be seduced by the mistress of the genre!”—Romantic Times BOOKreviews

“Have you discovered the bawdy charms of Celeste Bradley? Laced with intrigue and adventure, she has quickly become a staff and reader favorite and with each book we just fall further in love with her characters. This is the final book in the superb Royal Four quartet, with her most dangerous deception yet!”—Rendezvous


"Once you’ve read a Liar’s Club book, you crave the next in the series. Bradley knows how to hook a reader with wit, sensuality (this one has one of the hottest hands-off love scenes in years!) and a strong plot along with the madness and mayhem of a Regency-set novel.”— Romantic Times BOOKreviews

“Bradley continues her luscious Liar’s Club series with another tale of danger and desire, and as always her clever prose is imbued with wicked wit.”—Booklist

“Celeste Bradley’s The Liar’s Club series scarcely needs an introduction, so popular it’s become with readers since its inception…Altogether intriguing, exciting, and entertaining, this book is a sterling addition to the Liar’s Club series.”—Road to Romance


“Warm, witty, and wonderfully sexy.”—Teresa Medeiros, New York Times bestselling author

“Funny, adventurous, passionate, and especially poignant, this is a great beginning to a new series…Bradley mixes suspense and a sexy love story to perfection.”— Romantic Times BOOKreviews

“A wonderful start to a very looked-forward-to new series…once again showcases Celeste Bradley’s talent of creating sensual and intriguing plots filled with memorable and endearing characters…A non-stop read.”—Romance Reader at Heart

“Danger, deceit, and desire battle with witty banter and soaring passion for prominence in this highly engrossing tale…Bradley also provides surprises galore, both funny and suspenseful, and skillfully ties them all in neatly with the romance so as to make this story more than averagely memorable.”—Road to Romance

“A fantastic read…Bradley successfully combines mystery, intrigue, romance, and intense sensuality into this captivating book.”—Romance Junkies


“Amusing, entertaining romance.”—Booklist

“Bradley infuses this adventure with so much sexual tension and humor that you’ll be enthralled. You’ll laugh from the first page to the last…The wonderful characters, witty dialogue, and clever plot will have you wishing you were a Liar too.”—Romantic Times BOOKreviews


 “Only a clever wordsmith can make this complex, suspenseful tale work so perfectly. Bradley pulls us into the wonderful world of the Liar’s Club and gives us a nonstop read brimming with puzzle after puzzle.” —Romantic Times BOOKreviews

“With its wonderfully witty writing, superbly matched protagonists, and intrigue-steeped plot, the third of Bradley's Liars Club historicals is every bit as much fun as The Pretender and The Impostor.”—Booklist

“A must for readers of the Liar’s Club series and a good bet for those who haven't yet started…I unhesitatingly recommend.” —All About Romance

“Ms. Bradley has an effortless style to her prose.” —The Romance Reader

“A Top Pick…the best of [the Liar’s Club] so far. Bless Celeste Bradley…She just seems to get better at it as she goes along.” —Romance Reader at Heart


"Bradley carefully layers deception upon deception, keeping the intrigue level high and the tone bright…Readers will race through this delightful comedy of errors.”—Publishers Weekly

“With delicious characters and a delectable plot, Bradley delivers another enticing read.” —Romantic Times BOOKreviews (Top Pick)

“Don’t miss this second book of the Liar’s Club series. With humor, passion and mystery, it’s absolutely delightful in every way!” —Old Book Barn and Gazette


“Totally entertaining.”—New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn

“An engaging, lusty tale, full of adventure and loaded with charm.”—Gaelen Foley, USA Today bestselling author of Lord of Ice

“Bursting with adventure and sizzling, Bradley certainly knows how to combine engaging characters with excitement, sensuality, and a strong plot.”—Booklist (starred)

“Bursting with adventure and sizzling passion to satisfy the most daring reader.”—Romantic Times BOOKreviews

“A charming heroine and a dashing spy hero make The Pretender a riveting read…[E]ntertained me thoroughly from beginning to end.”—Sabrina Jeffries, USA Today bestselling author of After the Abduction

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About the Author

Celeste Bradley

Celeste Bradley is the New York Times bestselling author of Scoundrel in My DreamsDesperately Seeking a Duke, and the Royal Four and Liars Club series, among many others. Prior to giving writing a try, Celeste was a professional artist. Believing that storytelling is as much of an art form, she applies those skills to writing. She is a two-time RITA Nominee and winner of the prestigious Historical Storyteller of the Year from Romantic Times Book Reviews. Mother of two teen divas, Southern-born Celeste lives in the Southwest. Her hobbies include gardening, jewelry making and collage. She feels very strongly that literacy can change lives.

Celeste Bradley




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Rogue In My Arms
The Runaway Brides
Celeste Bradley

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March 2010
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ISBN: 9781429915229
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