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Safe Medicine For Sober People

Safe Medicine For Sober People

How to Avoid Relapsing on Pain, Sleep, Cold, or Any Other Medication

Jeffrey Weisberg, M.D., and Gene Hawes

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Safe Medicine for Sober People by Jeffrey Weisberg, M.D., is a guide for the millions of people in recovery from addiction---and their medical providers---on which medicines are safe to take, from a sober viewpoint, and which are risky. Very specific medications are singled out according to their potential for triggering relapse.


Praise for Safe Medicine For Sober People

Safe Medicine for Sober People provides invaluable support when, inevitably, medical illness occurs. The danger that all recovering addicts face in such situations is that some treatments may unwittingly foster relapse. This unique book guides the reader through the potential perils of a wide range of medical treatments by carefully explaining which are safe and which may not be. It is full of good information, good advice, and just plain good sense. It could only have been written by a wise physician with great experience in the field of addiction.” —Sigurd Ackerman, M.D., president and medical director of Silver Hill Hospital (New Canaan, Conn.) and professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons (New York)

Safe Medicine for Sober People is the guide to medications for all recovering people and their families. If addiction touches your life, read this book thoroughly.” —Joel A. Nathan, M.D., certified addiction medicine physician at NABU Medical Services (New York)

“I have read with great interest Safe Medicine for Sober People, by Dr. Weisberg and Mr. Hawes. This volume, which addresses the interaction between addictive illness and medical treatment, fills a vacuum in available and accessible knowledge for professionals, patients, and those involved with them. The book is a valuable addition to both the medical and personal library.” —Arnold L. Licht, M.D., chairman of the department of psychiatry at Long Island College Hospital (certified, American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry)

“This book should be of great interest to the medical world and a help in dealing with patients. It has been needed for a long time.” —Judith S. Seixas, author of Children of Alcoholism: A Survivor's Manual

“An invaluable and comprehensive medical guide for the recovering alcoholic or addict who wishes to preserve sobriety, and a major addition to the addiction field.” —Eliot Fremont-Smith, former senior book critic, The New York Times

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About the author

Jeffrey Weisberg, M.D., and Gene Hawes

Jeffrey Weisberg, M.D. was recently an executive vice president for Continuum Health Partners, Inc. He is cofounder of DOCS, a chain of urgent care medical centers.

Gene Hawes was coauthor with Dr. Weisberg on Rx for Recovery: The Medical and Health Guide for Alcoholics, Addicts, and Their Families. His recent books include Addiction-Free: How to Help an Alcoholic or Addict Get Started on Recovery (with Anderson Hawes).

Dr. Jeffrey Weisberg M.D.

Gene Hawes M.D.

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