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Same Difference

Same Difference

Written & illustrated by Derek Kirk Kim

First Second


When Derek Kirk Kim (The Eternal Smile) published his debut graphic novel back in 2003, it made an immediate stir. The story about a group of young people navigating adulthood and personal relationships is told with such sympathy and perception that the book was immediately hailed as an important new work.

Seven years later, it's clear that Same Difference has won a place among the great literature of the last decade. It stands not only with Fun Home, Persepolis, and American Born Chinese as a lasting graphic novel, but with much of the best fiction of this young century. Derek's distinctive voice as an author, coupled with his clear, crisp, expressive art has made this story a classic. And this classic is now back in print, in a deluxe edition from First Second.

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Praise for Same Difference

"Here is your chance to catch up on this artist's sharp comedy, thoughtful characterizations and cartooning pizzazz...Kim shows a lot of promise in his varied styles and subtle but subversive Asian American angle. Don't miss this impressive debut." —Time

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Written & illustrated by Derek Kirk Kim

Derek Kirk Kim is the award-winning author of the Tune series, Same Difference, The Eternal Smile (with Gene Luen Yang), and Good As Lily (with Jesse Hamm). He has also contributed to numerous anthologies including Flight, Volume 1, Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall, and Bizarro World.

He lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

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art by Jesse Hamm

Derek Kirk Kim

Interview with Derek Kirk Kim

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