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Samurai Selling

Samurai Selling

The Ancient Art of Modern Service

Chuck Laughlin and Karen Sage with Marc Bockman

St. Martin's Griffin


Trade Paperback

Samurai Selling is a unique guide for the modern salesperson. The code of the ancient Japanese samurai is grounded in service and personal character. Samurai Selling shows sales professionals how to apply the code of the samurai, so that whether you sell cars, real estate, office products, or personal home products, you have fresh and powerful techniques to win life-long customers.

Samurai Selling tells stories of the ancient samurai and relates them to today's competitive sales climate. Based on a proven seminar which the authors have taught to thousands of managers and sales professionals, the book is filled with practical tips, examples, and exercises that will hone your selling skills and improve your customer service.


Praise for Samurai Selling

“A sales manual that reveals the almost mystical power to sell that one gains from developing inner confidence in the mission of serving the customer...[A] fascinating handbook.” —Success Magazine

“We should not launch another product or service without this process...Full Stop!” —Richard Anderson, Global Account Manager, Schlumberger

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About the author

Chuck Laughlin and Karen Sage with Marc Bockman

Chuck Laughlin and Karen Sage are highly successful salespeople, executives, and co-founders of Corporate Visions, Inc. With their Power Demos and Power Positioning workshops they train thousands of executives, sales, and technical professionals worldwide each year in the art of samurai selling.

Marc Bockman was a professional writer of sales and training films, seminars, and meetings for businesses. He was the author of three previous books, including Turning Points and On My Honor, I Will (with Randy Pennington), a book on ethics in business.

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