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Santa Fe

Santa Fe

A Skye's West Novel

Skye's West (Volume 8)

Richard S. Wheeler

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Mass Market Paperbound

A tawdry travelling medicine show is the last place you'd expect to find frontier scout Barnaby Skye and his two wives, But he's been hired to guide the caravan across the dangerous Sante Fe Trail. And when Skye starts a job, he follows through.

So when Indians abduct and ravish the troupe's beautiful young star, Skye has no choice but to kill her tormentors. Now, scores of vengeful Comanches gather to unleash their fury on Skye's party.

Surrounded and outnumbered, Skye and his women must defy the warriors' bloodlust, or face an agonizing death.


Chapter 1

Hyacinth Zephyr Peachtree didn't like what he was hearing. The Army was saying no. Professor Peachtree had started life as a child prodigy, and hadn't altered a bit since then except that his voice had baritoned. Prodigies...


Praise for Santa Fe

“Draws memorable characters with bold and bigger-than-life strokes.” —Terry C. Johnston, author of the Plainsmen series

“No one doss it better!” —The Roundup Quarterly

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About the author

Richard S. Wheeler

Richard S. Wheeler has written over fifty novels and several short stories. He has won four Spur Awards and the Owen Wister Award for lifetime achievement in the field of western literature.

He lives in the literary and film community of Livingston, Montana, and is married to Professor Sue Hart, of Montana State University-Billings. Before turning to fiction he was a newsman and book editor. He has raised horses and been a wrangler at an Arizona dude ranch.

Richard S. Wheeler

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Richard S. Wheeler

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