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Santa Fe Passage

Santa Fe Passage

Jon R. Bauman

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Santa Fe, in the early 1800s, was a part of Mexico, and the city's landed gentry, the haciendados, had developed an appetite for the good life. Matthew Collins, an entrepreneurial American, sees opportunity there. He bankrolls a wagon train filled with fine goods from St. Louis and, with a partner, succeeds in transporting everything, despite storms and fierce bands of Comanches, across the Great American Desert to a ready market in Santa Fe.

Soon, Matt and his partner become prosperous and respected men. Matt profits from the trapping and selling of hundreds of beaver skins just before the London market for them collapses. Welcomed into the home of Moses Mendoza, one of the leading haciendados, Matt eventually marries Moses's daughter Celestina.

By the mid-1840s, war looms between the United States and Mexico. Matt is called to Washington by President Polk. The urgent matter: how to arrange the turnover of New Mexico and Santa Fe to the United States without causing great bloodshed. Matt develops a plan...

Mixing a fascinating and exciting cast of characters with the adventure and uncertainty of the times, Santa Fe Passage is a remarkable story full of rich detail and vivid imagery of life in then Mexico in the early nineteenth century.

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Santa Fe Passage

"When my indenture's up next month, I'm gone. I hear the Santa Fe Trail's dangerous as hell--eight hundred miles through Indian country."



Praise for Santa Fe Passage

“A consummate story-teller, author Jon Bauman propels his protagonist westward from Missouri into a world of Santa Fe traders, Mexican aristocrats, mountain men, prostitutes and Comanches. A scrupulous historian, Bauman faithfully recreates the powerful social and political forces that converged on New Mexico in the fateful years before the U.S. Army invaded Mexico in 1846.” —David J. Weber, author of the Pulitzer Prize nominee, The Spanish Frontier in North America

“A beautifully researched historical novel with a passionate cast of characters who travel between Missouri and Santa Fe during the early 1800s. There is Celestina, a high-born Mexican woman loved by Matt Collins--a Yankee--pragmatic yet fearless. There are priests and presidents and governors and soldiers--fully human men and women living at southwestern end of one of the most dangerous trails in western history--all woven into a memorable plot.” —Jane Roberts Wood, author of Train to Estelline and Roseborough

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About the author

Jon R. Bauman

Jon R. Bauman, for many years an international lawyer, is the author of two nonfiction books; Santa Fe Passage is his first novel. Mr. Bauman lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife, Lou.

Jon R. Bauman

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