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Science Kids Animal Disguises

Science Kids Animal Disguises

Science Kids

Belinda Weber



Trade Paperback

The world of science has never been so accessible to young readers! Science
Kids books offer a learning experience that kids, parents, and teachers are
sure to love. The lively and engaging text explains the basic principles of
favorite science subjects. Illustrations and stunning photography zoom in
on interesting details, and fun projects encourage further learning.

Investigate the exciting world of animal camouflage. Discover how
creatures blend in with their environment, mimicking leaves, stones,
and flowers, playing tricks on their predators, and even changing shape.


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About the author

Belinda Weber

Belinda Weber is an author and editor and has written many children's books about natural history, science, and history including includingThe Kingfisher Children's Atlas, The Best Book of Nighttime Animals, and Kingfisher Young Knowledge: Reptiles. She has a lifelong interest in wildlife and the environment and previously directed the Adopt an Animal fundraising program for the Zoological Society of London.

Belinda Weber

Belinda Weber

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