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Senior Season

Senior Season

A Short Story

Tom Perrotta

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A glimpse into parallel lives in a suburban town Tom Perrotta has made recognizably his in novels like ELECTION, LITTLE CHILDREN and this fall's THE LEFTOVERS. Clay wouldn't have said his life was defined by his place on the high school football team's roster, but when he's sidelined by injury, everything, including his sense of self, seems different. And it's not just that his concussion was bad enough to cause his parents and doctors to worry, to make him have trouble concentrating. It's that he's seeing the previously familiar people in his world—from his girlfriend Megan to his geriatric neighbor Mrs. Scotto—from a new perspective. Perrotta's warmth and ability to describe the dramatic moments in the average lives of characters of every age are perfectly presented in "Senior Season", a story that will add a layer to fans' pleasure in this author's themes and concerns. This e-book also includes an excerpt of THE LEFTOVERS.


SENIOR SEASON (Begin Reading)
It's pretty quiet when I leave for school, not a neighbor in sight except for Mrs. Scotto, who likes to get an early start on her yard work. She's out there every morning in her bathrobe and slippers, cleaning up...


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About the author

Tom Perrotta

TOM PERROTTA is the author of several works of fiction, including The Wishbones and Joe College. His novels Election and Little Children were made into acclaimed and award-winning movies. He lives outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

Tom Perrotta

Tom Perrotta

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