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Servant of the Law

Servant of the Law

Dusty Richards

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Blinded by Blood.
Wanted by the Law.

Bobby Budd rode out of Colorado with one killing behind him and dozens yet to go. From New Mexico to Indian Territory, Budd became one of a rootless army of half-crazed, half-drunk killers for hire--building an ugly legend as the Coyote Kid. Honest men paid the Kid to rid themselves of rustlers. Along the way, the innocent died, too.

Now former Apache campaigner Major Gerald Bowen is bringing law to the land, hiring a few good frontier marshals and putting them on the bloody trail of the territory's worst outlaws. John wesley Michaels is one of those lawmen--and the Coyote Kid is his quarry. But when Michaels gets to Arizona, he finds out he won't be working alone. A stubborn woman insists on riding Michaels' side. Because she's met the Coyote Kid face-to-face--and she wants to be the one to gun him down...


Servant of the Law

Two days after his shooting of Lighe Rinker, Bobby Budd still looked hard over his shoulder for the posse's pursuit. Near noon that same day, he crossed out of Colorado into the New Mexico Territory. His...


Praise for Servant of the Law

“Action explodes on the opening page...the pace does not let up until the last outlaw has been salted away--and there are plenty of them.” —Elmer Kelton, author of The Bitter Trail on The Lawless Land

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Dusty Richards

Dusty Richards writes of the Arizona where he lived, explored, and hunted in his youth. The land of cactus, unforgiving heat, sidewinders, deep canyons, and the dark-eyed Apache renegade crouched in the greasewood. This is a territory of legends that he still explores for the untold stories of the past. Rancher, rodeo announcer, former TV anchor, and author of over a dozen books, he is a member of the Western Writers of America.

Dusty Richards

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