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Sex and Shopping: The Confessions of a Nice Jewish Girl

Sex and Shopping: The Confessions of a Nice Jewish Girl

An Autobiography

Judith Krantz

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Dear Reader,

As I was about to start my eleventh novel, I abruptly realized that I was making a huge mistake. On the verge of launching into the imagined world of a twenty-eight-year-old, I felt an intense need to tell another story, the story of a woman I know through and through...a woman with more wealth of experience, a woman who's seen more real glamour, known more fascinating people, lived in a world of more sophistication, and arrived at more hard-won maturity than that twenty-eight-year-old could hope for---in short, my own story. I've tried to remain as unknowable as possible, the better to let my heroines hold the stage, but now I was ready to tell the truth about myself, with no holding back.

I've had a different life from that of the majority of women of my generation and background. While I seemed like another "nice Jewish girl," underneath that convenient cover I'd traveled my own, inner-directed path and had many a spicy and secret adventure. I grew up in a complicated tangle of privilege, family problems, and tormented teenaged sexuality. After a riotous education at Wellesley, my life was turned upside down by a glorious year in Paris, marked by an intense but ill-starred romance. I spent the next half-decade in New York, sowing lighthearted wild oats until I finally met my true love, to whom I've been married for forty-six years.

When I was fifty I had an utterly unexpected, almost unbelievable success as a number-one bestselling novelist that has continued for book after book. Challenging, lucky, exciting, and often devastatingly askew, my life seems to have been lived under a wild and antic star.

I've had as much amazing fun as my heroines, and here's the book to prove it.

Judith Krantz


Chapter One
I PUSHED, DRAGGED, AND BUMPED MY HEAVY SUITCASE ALONG THE narrow corridor of the night train to Paris. I was so filled with the exhilaration of wild high spirits that I welcomed the challenge of finding a seat. Finally, in triumph,...


Praise for Sex and Shopping: The Confessions of a Nice Jewish Girl

“I absolutely adored this sensation of a book! Judith Krantz takes us way beyond the delights of sex and shopping into the heart and mind of a fascinating, witty, and gutsy woman. She's lived fully, with courage, sensuality, and originality, and, I might add, had one hell of a good time doing it!” —Joan Rivers

“Judith Krantz, who has created some of the most memorable women in fiction, has until now declined to reveal the most fascinating character of them all, herself---shamelessly unveiled in her autobiography. Bravo!” —David Brown, producer of Jaws, The Sting, and Angela's Ashes

“To experience Judith Krantz's full and abundant life is to walk though your own life a fuller and happier woman. The love in this book is deeply touching.” —Debbie Reynolds

“Judith Krantz is incapable of writing a dull word. Of course, she is full of baloney. Her book is subtitled The Confessions of a Nice Jewish Girl, which she is not. She is a bad Jewish girl, as attested to by her torrid confessions. You'll want to wolf this story down like chocolate chip cookies.” —Helen Gurley Brown

“If you've loved spending time with the heroines in Judith Krantz's novels all these years, you are really going to enjoy the Real One, Judith Krantz herself” —Ali MacGraw

“A stunningly frank and honest autobiography, revealing Judith Krantz's light and dark sides. Both sides are hilarious, sometimes sad, and always compelling. Count on it, they're all romantic. And now I know how she writes those lusty sex scenes. Just don't tell me she makes them up!” —Polly Bergen

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Judith Krantz

Judith Krantz is the author of Scruples, Princess Daisy, Mistral's Daughter, I'll Take Manhattan, Till We Meet Again, Dazzle, Scruples Two, Lovers, Spring Collection, and The Jewels of Tessa Kent.

Judith Krantz

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