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Shadow Walker

Shadow Walker

The Texas Anthem Series: Book 3

The Texas Anthem Series (Volume 3)

Kerry Newcomb

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Cole Anthem had faced the horrors of war, but Teardrop, Arkansas, held terrors of its own...

While the Anthem family was building a ranching empire in Texas, Cole Athem was proving himself in war. Now Cole is a man in a 17-year-old's body, using his cunning and skill to make living bounty hunting in Arkansas--until Cole hunts down a half-breed renegade called the Osage Kid.

The town of Teardrop believes the Kid committed a sting of vicious murders. But Cole knows he didn't--and suddenly he and his prisoner are launched into a manhunt for a murderer. With Teardrop swirling with rumor, intrigue, and more than one pretty woman with a plan, the teenage bounty hunter and the wily outlaw are searching the wild Ozarks for something more veil than a killer--and more dangerous than any man...

The powerful third novel in Kerry Newcomb's acclaimed Anthem series is a classic novel of law, lawlessness and courage on the American frontier.



APRIL 1867

Blue Elk O'Brian laughed at the men who were trying to kill him. He clung to his concealed perch in the lofty branches of an oak tree and watched as the Regulators lined themselves on the crest...


Praise for Shadow Walker

“Fast-paced action, pusle-raising romance and historically accurate settings...Kerry Newcomb knows where the West begins.” —Dallas Morning News

“Adrenaline-pumping.” —Booklist

“In the tradition of Louis L'Amour and John Jakes.” —Dallas Morning News

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About the author

Kerry Newcomb

Kerry Newcomb was born in Milford, Connecticut, but had the good fortune to be raised in Texas. He has served in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps and taught at the St. Labre Mission School on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in Montana. Mr. Newcomb has written plays, film scripts, commercials, liturgical dramas, and over thirty novels under both his own name and a variety of pseudonyms. He lives with his family in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Kerry Newcomb

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