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She's Got Game

She's Got Game

The Woman's Guide to Loving Sports (or Just How to Fake It!)

Melissa Malamut

St. Martin's Griffin


Trade Paperback

Does baseball boggle your mind? Is football completely confusing?

She's Got Game is the perfect resource for women who have it all together but just don't understand the rules—when it comes to professional and college sports, that is.

You're the kind of woman who can adapt to every situation. You know just what to wear and what to say. Nothing flusters you--except going to a game. Sporting events raise so many questions. What is March Madness all about? What on earth is a pop fly? If they just had the fourth down, then why is it the first down now and not the fifth? What's a down anyway? What do I wear? Will I wipe out if I wear heels? Should I wear makeup? And how do you say that player's name?

Don't you wish you had a smart girlfriend who could explain it all without making you feel like an idiot? One who could tell you what's going on, what to wear to the game, and even when it's a good time to go to the ladies' room or get another beer? Now you do. Melissa Malamut brings a lifelong love of sports, a girly-girl's sensibility, and insight from fashion editors, friends and her own experiences to She's Got Game. The ultimate guide to enjoying yourself (and looking smart) at any sporting event, She's Got Game, is packed with all the rules and history of the games, personal anecdotes, and do's and don'ts. In this incredibly well-researched and engaging book, Melissa gives you everything you need to feel at ease and fall in love with sports.


Praise for She's Got Game

“In this entertaining and comprehensive guide on sports, Malamut is helping millions of women finally understand what the sports fans in their lives have been talking on and on about -- a social good, indeed.” —Erik Barmack, author of Why Fantasy Football Matters

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About the author

Melissa Malamut

MELISSA MALAMUT has worked in PR for the NHL and the PGA of America. She was Editor-in-Chief of Touchdown Illustrated magazine and a researcher for ESPN The Magazine and ESPN Books. She held a weekly sports beat for Tribune newspapers while simultaneously working as a beauty editor for an upstart fashion magazine. Malamut has been writing sports, beauty, fashion and lifestyle pieces for 10 years.

Melissa Malamut

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