Siege (As the World Dies, Book Three)

As the World Dies (Volume 3)

Rhiannon Frater

Tor Books

It’s the End of the World as We Know It

But all is not lost.  A hundred or so survivors of the zombie plague have defended their new home—the fortified town of Ashley Oaks, Texas—against ravenous zombies and cruel bandits.  They have gathered supplies, established a civil government, and even found love among the ruins. 

An excellent tactician who has led the town’s defenders more than once, Katie has made peace with the loss of her beloved wife.  She is remarried and pregnant with her husband’s child.  Jenni, a zombie killer beyond compare, fled an abusive husband and formed a new, loving family with her stepson, his dog, and her new love.  Jenni’s still the first to volunteer for any dangerous mission—but now she has a reason to survive. 

A deadly supply run leads to the discovery of hundreds of survivors trapped in a failing shopping mall, their lives controlled by a power-hungry U.S. Senator and the military men and women who follow her.  News that there are civilians living in peace outside the mall is earth-shattering for all of them.

The final battle for the fort—and, in a way, for the soul of America—is about to begin. 


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Return of the Tiny Fingers
The tiny fingers under the door were missing. Jenni stared down at the dark crack under the front door, waiting for her toddler’s tiny pink digits to appear. The gap beneath the door was far too big. She had told Lloyd that many times. It was too easy for a little hand to slip underneath.
Standing on the front porch of her home, she felt the cool morning air teasing her dark hair and ruffling her pink nightgown and robe.
“Benji?” she whispered.
The hard, steady thumping against the door was a terrifying reminder


Praise for Siege (As the World Dies, Book Three)

Thelma and Louise meets The Walking Dead.”
All Things Urban Fantasy on The First Days

“Frater has [developed] an original treatment of the zompocalypse; the protagonists try their best not to abandon civilized values, and they resist despair despite tragic loss.”
Publishers Weekly

“Rhiannon grabs you by the throat with the opening scene and your jaw is left hanging through much of the book. The anticipation and terror that follows you throughout this story is incredibly poignant. Frater brought the emotion, the intensity and sorrow, the laughter and love, the rebuilding and remembering, the pain and the tragedy, but at the end of it all, she brought the hope.”
—Smash Attack Reads

“Heartbreaking and heartwarming.  I admit freely that I cried like a baby during scenes in this book. I am so happy that I read this.  Although the premise of this story is a zombie infestation, the book is more about surviving than zombies.  It's about the human spirit and hope and relationships.  I am so sad that this ride is over, but am so glad that I was along for the ride.”
—Addicted to Heroines

“This book is nothing but EPIC. Siege is ingenuity and humanity in the face of insurmountable.”

“Amazing. Lots of tension, action and suspense. Recommend without hesitation.”
Book Chick City

“I loved the heroes and heroines, I loved the emotional intensity, and I loved the way in which Frater used allegory as—forgive the pun—biting social commentary. Anyone who calls themselves a hardcore zombie fiction fan who hasn’t read As the World Dies trilogy simply isn’t a hardcore zombie fiction fan.  Bottom line: a ‘must read’ for anyone who enjoys zombie fiction and/or apocalyptic fiction.

“I found myself utterly amazed and thrilled while reading this. I found myself going through so many emotions. Laughter, tears, joys, anger. When a book can evoke so many emotions, you know you are in for a hell of ride. A very well put together blend of raw terror and relief to utter chaos. I loved it. It was a real nail biter. I loved the book in all of its beautiful intensity and raw emotion.”—Livre D’Amour

“This book is E-P-I-C.  I was filled with happiness, sorrow and desperation while the survivors of the fort try to pull together a semblence of any sort of life after the end of the world. A highly emotional ride that I want to take over and over!”
The Bookish Brunette

“I push these books on anyone who enjoys a good dramatic and horrific tale. The books are about zombies, but the essence of their very soul are the characters. I was completely smitten with this book. Frater excels at horrific storytelling. Isn’t it about time you checked out this series, if you haven’t already?”

“Intense is a complete understatement. Emotional doesn't begin to touch on how this book affected me. Rhiannon does a great job at keeping the humor and touching moments in there, which make you smile even through the tears that will undoubtedly be streaming down your face!  This is one of the most heart-pounding, tension filled, emotional books I have ever read.”
Book Loving Mom



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  • Rhiannon Frater

  • Rhiannon Frater is the author of The First Days: As the World Dies and two sequels, Fighting to Survive and Siege.  Originally self-published, this award-winning, critically-acclaimed trilogy has been substantially revised for the Tor editions. Frater has written several other novels and been active in the Goth and horror communities in Texas, around the US, and online. Rhiannon Frater and her husband live in Austin, TX.

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    Rhiannon Frater


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Siege (As the World Dies, Book Three)

As the World Dies

Rhiannon Frater



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