All Authors : SMP -Thomas Dunne

Peter Earle

The Pirate Wars; The Sack of Panamá; Treasure Hunt

Gregg Easterbrook

The Here and Now; The King of Sports; The Leading Indicators

Piu Marie Eatwell

They Eat Horses, Don't They?

Marjorie Eccles

Broken Music; Echoes of Silence; Killing a Unicorn; Last Nocturne

Gary Ecelbarger

The Day Dixie Died; The Great Comeback

Robert Edric

The Book of the Heathen; The Broken Lands

Jay S. Efran

The Tao of Sobriety

K. J. Egan

Where It Lies

Anthony Eglin

Garden of Secrets Past; The Blue Rose; The Lost Gardens; The Trail of the Wild Rose

Rich Eisen

Total Access

Alan Eisenstock

Just a Guy; Raiders!

Kim Eisler

Masters of the Game

Alan Emmins

Mop Men

Thomas Emson


Howard Engel

The Man Who Forgot How to Read

Joel Engel

L.A. '56

Rod Englert

Blood Secrets

Tracey Enright

Claire Fontaine Crime Fighter

Dan Epstein

Big Hair and Plastic Grass; Stars and Strikes

Kjell Eriksson

Black Lies, Red Blood; The Cruel Stars of the Night; The Demon of Dakar; The Hand That Trembles

Zakaria Erzinçlioglu

Maggots, Murder, and Men

Dan Ewald

Sparky and Me

Milton Ezrati

Thirty Tomorrows