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Some of My Lives

Some of My Lives

A Scrapbook Memoir

Rosamond Bernier




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A New York Times Book Review Editors' Choice

Rosamond Bernier has known many (one is tempted to say all) of the greatest artists and composers of the twentieth century. In Some of My Lives, she has made a kind of literary scrapbook from an extraordinary array of writings, ranging from scholarly articles for American publications to her many contributions to the art journal L'ŒIL, which she cofounded in 1955.
Through the stories of her encounters with Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Leonard Bernstein, Max Ernst, Aaron Copland, Malcolm Lowry, and Karl Lagerfeld, we come to understand the sheer richness of Bernier's experiences and memories. Pithy, hilarious, and wise, Some of My Lives is a multifaceted self-portrait of a life informed and surrounded by the arts.


Some of My Lives


My English mother, Rosamond Rawlins, left her native shores to marry my father, Samuel R. Rosenbaum, the eldest son of Hungarian Jewish immigrants, at the beginning of World War I. He was...


Praise for Some of My Lives

“Bernier has had so much fun, and her charm, wit, and style are apparent….She turned being social into a kind of art.” —Louisa Thomas, The New York Times Book Review

“Animated by Bernier's inimitable voice and charm…her razor-sharp insights, playful humor, and deep humility throw the colorful personalities surrounding her into high relief.” —Vogue

“Pablo Picasso befriended Bernier, Henri Matisse gave her fashion tips, Alice B. Toklas baked for her….Some of My Lives is a lively compendium of this movable feast of art and genius---and of the author's own considerable charm.” —NPR's Weekend Edition

“A remarkable memoir of a remarkable life. Intimate, winning, sunny, and smart, Some of My Lives has a voice not unlike the one in Diana Vreeland's autobiography---only here, all of it is true.” —Michael Kimmelman

“Bernier proves an able guide across a wide range of forms, from painting and sculpture to architecture and fashion. Her interview with Coco Chanel is brilliant....She has provided a very stylish memoir indeed.” —The Cleveland Plain Dealer

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Read the Kirkus Review of SOME OF MY LIVES A Scrapbook Memoir. Legendary art lecturer and <em>L'OEIL<em> magazine founder Bernier (<em>Matisse, Picasso, Mir&oacute;--As I Knew Them<em>, 1991) collates jam-packed brief sketches of her long, eventful life. - Kirkus Reviews

A fixture in the worlds of art and fashion reflects on a splendid career. - The New York Times

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About the author

Rosamond Bernier

Rosamond Bernier was born in Philadelphia and was educated in France, England, and America. In 1955, she cofounded the influential art magazine L'OEIL, which featured the works of the masters of the School of Paris. A renowned lecturer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rosamond Bernier was named for life to the International Best-Dressed List.

Rosamond Bernier

Rosamond Bernier

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