Sons of Liberty

Marie Jakober

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1862: The Union holds Baltimore, but this city, with its southern attitudes and divided sentiments, is a port of enormous potential value to the Confederate cause.

Defending Baltimore is a man disdainfully called the "Black German." Branden Rolfe, a European revolutionary, fled the oppression of his home in Austria and now serves freedom as the city's Union Provost Marshal. When Rolfe learns of the Sons of Liberty, a secret group of secessionists determined to capture Baltimore, he fears their success could alter the course of the conflict. The war has already separated him from his adopted children and the woman he has learned to love. Now, the threat of the Sons, led by the clever, dedicated Langdon Everett, becomes a thorn in his side as the group gains supporters and amasses a considerable cache of weaponry and explosives. Rolfe feels official pressure and a personal need to stop them at all costs, even to the point of risking the life of his love, who volunteers for dangerous duty undercover. . .

Eden Farnswood comes to the Sons through her new friend, Holly DeMornay, the cousin of their leader. Appalled by the terrible human cost of war, young Mrs. Farswood is a widow who set out to become a nurse but has found a new mission in the Sons of Liberty. Torn by bitter memories and divided loyalties, Eden finds it too painful . . . and too dangerous . . . to share her secrets with anyone, not even Holly, her closest friend.

As Rolfe's web of spies closes in on the Sons of Liberty and Langdon Everett, the fates of Baltimore and of Eden Farnswood hang in the balance. In Baltimore, where North and South meet, love and war conspire so that, win or lose, there will be a terrible cost either in lives or by the betrayal of the human heart.

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Sons of Liberty
With you the love of liberty is almost a religion.LOUIS KOSSUTH HUNGARIAN NATIONALIST LEADER 
IN THE OLD HEART OF BALTIMORE, ALONG THE NARROW STREETS that angled off from Jones Falls toward the Basin, the night's closing fog wrapped everything in quiet, impenetrable menace. Even the laughter from Joe's Oyster Bar sounded muddy, once a man had moved a few feet down the boardwalk. The air was heavy with the harsh smell of guano, the salty smell of fish, the stagnant smell of marshland, all drifting rank through the streets,


Praise for Sons of Liberty

"Marie Jakober knows her history and brings to life a cast of heroic and unforgettable characters."
--James M. McPherson, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Battle Cry of Freedom, on Only Call Us Faithful

"Fascinating and well plotted, with lively characters, good momentum, and suspense throughout."
--Kirkus Reviews on Only Call Us Faithful

Ms. Jakober presents an authentic, vibrant portrait of Richmond, its history and inhabitants through a sometimes amusing, often caustic, proud woman's voice. Civil War fans will find this a rare treat indeed."
--Romantic Times on Only Call Us Faithful

"Canadian author Marie Jakober has developed a fascinating Civil War spy story from the life of Elizabeth Van Lew, a remarkable Southern spinster whose espionage activities were an ongoing threat to the Confederacy. This is a historical novel that is more truth than fiction.'
--Abilene Reporter-News on Only Call Us Faithful

"The Black Chalice is the work of a major talent: intelligently conceived, beautifully written, powerfully absorbing, deeply moving. It deserves wide acclaim, and wider readership."
--SF Site on The Black Chalice

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  • Marie Jakober

  • Marie Jakober is the award-winning author of five previous novels, including the Civil War novel, Only Call Us Faithful. She lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.





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