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Stalk and Kill

Stalk and Kill

The Thrill and Danger of the Sniper Experience

Adrian Gilbert

St. Martin's Griffin


From the sharpshooters of the American Revolution to the Marine snipers who dominated the streets of Mogadishu, a famed military historian puts you behind the crosshairs of the most adept killers in history.

A sniper is more than a crack shot. He's a calm professional with the instincts and patients of a master huntsman.

Intensive training leaves snipers razor-sharp, able to creep undetected within arm's reach of the enemy.

The finest marksmen in the world, a sniper can place a bullet in an enemy's heart from a thousand yards away.

Stalk and Kill puts you on the battlefield for the most daring missions in history. You'll duel a Nazi "super sniper" in Stalingrad, outfox the Viet Cong in Southeast Asia, and silence the enemies of U.S. troops in Beirut. And you'll never cease to marvel at the sniper's iron nerve and lethal precision.

A main selection of the military book club with eight pages of fascinating photos!

Praise for Stalk and Kill

“No sniper library can be complete without a copy.” —USMC Sniping

“An authoritative history and description of sniping...brings to life the patience, tenacity, and skill required by the successful sniper.” —Combat and Militia on Sniper

“Brings new insight into the art of sniping...accounts of engagements are excellent...a most interesting book, well researched. Excellent.” —Military Illustrated on Sniper

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Adrian Gilbert

Adrian Gilbert has written extensively on modern warfare, including his books, Sniper and Stalk & Kill. He lives in England.

Adrian Gilbert

St. Martin's Griffin

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