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Ex-con. Author. Actor. Legend. Edward Bunker is one of the acknowledged masters of crime fiction. Written in the late 1960's and discovered after Bunker's death in 2005, Stark is his first and perhaps his most explosive novel ever.
1962. Oceanview, California. The girls are beautiful. The dope is cheap. The squares here are ripe for the plucking--easy money for a man with a plan. Ernie Stark is a hophead and a grifter out to make a big score. If he has to screw over everyone in town, he will. The problem is one more misstep will find him locked up for good.
Violent, lightening paced and exotic, filed with the most wonderful cast of lowlifes you'll ever meet and dialogue that crackles, this is the lost novel for mystery lovers everywhere and the legion of fans of the legendary Edward Bunker.



Ernie Stark was not the nicest guy you'd ever meet. Ask his friends. If he had any. He was a two-bit hustler who dreamt that the next score would be the big one. The one that would put him on easy street. But...


Praise for Stark

“The best first person crime novel I have ever read.” —Quentin Tarantino on Little Boy Blue

“Bunker is a true original of American letters.” —James Ellroy, author of The Black Dahlia

“Mr. Bunker has written a raw, unromantic, naturalistic crime drama more lurid than anything the noiresque Chandlers or Hammetts ever dreamed up.” —The New York Times on Dog Eat Dog

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About the author

Edward Bunker

Edward Bunker was a habitual criminal in his youth, who turned his life around by writing about his experiences. His acclaimed work includes the crime novels Animal Factory, Dog Eat Dog, Little Boy Blue and the memoir, Education of a Felon. He died in July 2005.

Edward Bunker

Edward Bunker

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