Stealing From the Dead

A.J. Zerries

Forge Books

In this brilliantly original thriller of international conspiracy, a courageous New York City police detective risks everything—her job, her moral core, even her life—to expose a multi-layered terrorist ring so cunningly deceptive that it has operated unseen for years.

As World War II loomed, thousands of European Jews deposited their life savings in Swiss banks, trusting them as a safe haven despite fading hope that they or their heirs would survive the Holocaust.  Infamously, the survivors who did return to reclaim their family legacies were told their accounts had never existed.

More than fifty years later, NYPD Detective Greta Strasser is called to an apartment where an elderly Jewish woman has died of an apparent heart attack. But something about her death is suspicious, and despite orders to the contrary, Greta covertly investigates. She uncovers a ruthless operation that has snuffed out countless lives while stealing hundreds of millions from innocent Holocaust victims.         

When Greta is recruited by a government task force, she and her team discover a network of evil that stretches across three continents. She plunges deep into the web of terrorism, hunting the mastermind behind the plot while being hunted by a faceless master assassin.

Greta knows that either she takes down the monsters behind this madness, or the killing will go on . . . and she will be the next victim. With all the tension and excitement that fueled The Lost Van Gogh, A. J. Zerries has written another novel of enormous excitement and constantly building suspense in Stealing From the Dead.



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Greta wasn’t the only one who heard the music.
The beat seeped into the Seventh Avenue express as it slowed for the Ninety-sixth Street station, and even the bleariest early rush hour passengers were tilting their heads and squeezing their eyes shut, trying to place it.
When the doors parted, it slithered in like a woman in a rumpled party dress, mascara smeared, hair a mess: a tango, predatory and voluptuous, lust thinly disguised as music.
At least twenty people were gathered in a loose circle near the middle of the platform, drawn by the boom


Praise for Stealing From the Dead

“Fast-moving and often surprising…”  —Publishers Weekly

“Well-wrought, and founded on a believable, grim motivation, Stealing from the Dead is a thriller that truly thrills. I hope to see a lot more of NYPD cop Greta Strasser.”  —Barbara D’Amato, author of Other Eyes

“Mix real cops, real terrorists, and real police procedure, and you have a real darn good mystery/thriller. Zerries is terrific!”  —Stephen Coonts, New York Times bestselling author of Flight of the Intruder
“With all the tension and excitement that fueled The Lost Van Gogh, A. J. Zerries has written another novel of enormous excitement and constantly building suspense.”  —Book Revue
“Zerries keeps both great matters and small moving along smartly courtesy of what may be New York’s toughest female cop.” —Kirkus Reviews

“A fast-moving police procedural with plenty of surprises, based upon a real-life believable scenario.”  —Killer Nashville

“Strasser makes for a gutsy protagonist and her tenacity in hunting down the assassins responsible for killing the Holocaust survivors is gripping stuff.”  —Mystery Scene

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  • A.J. Zerries

  • AL and JEAN ZERRIES are the husband-and-wife authors one other international thriller, of The Lost Van Gogh. The Zerries worked in the creative side of advertising for 20 years. Al Zerries has won many awards for his portrait art.
  • A. J. Zerries





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