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Sylvia and Ted

Sylvia and Ted

A Novel

Emma Tennant

Henry Holt and Co.




A fictional re-creation of the turbulent courtship, marriage, and separation of poets Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes.

In intense, dramatic prose, Emma Tennant unfolds a story of passion, conflict, and betrayal. Creating a series of unforgettable images she reconstructs the twentieth century's most famous literary love affair and the tempestuous triangle between Hughes, Plath, and Assia Wevill. Filled with mounting suspense and lurking danger, Sylvia and Ted is a tale that culminates in tragedy, leaving in its wake a hundred unanswered questions.

Tennant was drawn to the subject partly as a result of her past relationship with Hughes -- and because of the legs that surround him and the two women who loved him. Though imaginative fiction, her novel vividly evokes the social and literary circles in which Plath and Hughes traveled and with the complexities, needs, and desires of three talented yet tortured people whose story continues to capture the imagination of readers.


Sylvia and Ted

Three Childhoods and a Suicide
The Oceanic Feeling
April 27, 1935
It's a beautiful sunny day. Maybe it's the first day of summer, but there are no boats yet on...


Praise for Sylvia and Ted

"Steeped in Hughes' and Plath's resounding poetry and blessed with a dramatist's sense of timing, Tennant has written an arresting and exquisitely mythopoeic tale of love, death, and immortality." - Booklist

About the author

Emma Tennant

Emma Tennant's previous books include The Bad Sister, Two Women of London, Faustine, Strangers: A Family Romance, and Pemberley, a sequel to Pride and Prejudice. She wrote of her relationship with Ted Hughes in Burnt Diaries. She lived in London until her death in 2017.

Emma Tennant