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Taming the Beast

Taming the Beast

Charles Manson's Life Behind Bars

Edward George with Dary Matera

St. Martin's Griffin



Edward George understand Charles Manson as few others ever will. Former prison counselor to the messianic killer, George enraged Manson as an agent of the state's criminal justice system, listened to him as a trusted confessor, spoke for him as an erstwhile press agent-and-almost-connected with him as a friend. George saw Manson in a way the public never would, witnessing the method to his madness, the charisma that underlies his sickness, the pathetic abandoned boy within the homicidal man. If you read Helter Skelter and think you know the whole story about Charlie Manson, think again. You don't know it all until you've read Taming the Beast: Charles Manson's Life Behind Bars.


Praise for Taming the Beast

“A valuable book which gives additional insights into the criminal mind of Charles Manson.” —Vincent Bugliosi, author of Helter Skelter

“[George] strives to understand Manson and his devotees and, spewing psychological and spiritual insights and plenty of witchy Masonoid details, succeeds in horrifying his readers.” —Booklist

“[Taming the Beast] puts a human face on a man whose very name defines evil-revealing the personality hidden during television interviews.” —Almeda Journal

“The latest entry in the canon of a true madman...this us an ugly, ugly look at a man whose entire life has been a study in sickness.” —Kirkus Reviews

“This anecdotal account...confirms that Manson remains without remorse, unstable, frightening, and unlikely to ever be paroled.” —Library Journal

“Manson continues his reign as America's leading celebrity carnivore.” —Phoenix Arizona Republic

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About the author

Edward George with Dary Matera

Edward George is a former theological student and Navy pilot who lives in San Francisco.

Dary Matera is a veteran true-crime writer and coauthor of Are You Lonesome Tonight? He lives in Chandler, Arizona.

Edward George

Dary Matera

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