Terror Town

An Abe Lieberman Mystery

Abe Lieberman (Volume 9)

Stuart M. Kaminsky

Forge Books

Carl Zwick is an aging Chicago Cubs baseball player. Sometimes he feels like he's spent his life hitting into double plays, but he's finally gotten onto the right track. Then tragedy strikes him out.

Anita Mills is a pretty single black mother just trying to get by. A random act of brutality in one of Chicago's rougher neighborhoods permanently ends her struggle.

Richard Allen Smith walks the streets of ChiTown saying God has sent him. He has an unusual, rather nasty way of getting converts to see the light.

What do these people have in common?

Nothing, it would seem, except they are all part of Detective Abe Lieberman's very long day. Lieberman, a sad, baggy-eyed spaniel of a man with the patience of Job and the wisdom of Solomon is trying his best to make his beloved Chicago a better place.

But when Lieberman and his partner, Bill Hanrahan, encounter these three very different situations they find that there are ties that bind and ties that can cut a man's heart out. Abe Lieberman faces a Gordian knot that he must somehow untangle--and if he makes a mistake, someone very near to him could die.


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Chapter One
Eight months later
It’s called Terror Town.
No one remembers how it got the name. Probably a cop, maybe a frightened resident.
The residents, almost all black, face the reality of drive-by shootings, prostitution, intimidation, extortion, and drug dealers who rule and terrorize the South Side neighborhood.
Terror Town is roughly bordered on the north by Seventy-fourth Street, on the south by Seventy-ninth Street, and on the east and west by Yates and Exchange.
Residents are eleven times more likely to be victims


Praise for Terror Town

"If Edgar Award winner Kaminsky were any more prolific, he'd have to be listed as part of the GNP....a complex, diverting puzzle for which Kaminsky is famous."
--Booklist (starred) on Not Quite Kosher
"Perhaps it is time to declare award-winning Stuart Kaminsky as the reigning monarch of excellent detective series."--Midwest Book Review

"Stuart Kaminsky is hard to beat for a thoughtful, well-plotted, well-written mystery."--The Washington Post Book World
"The eighth entry in Kaminsky's Abe Lieberman series should delight fans...rich in conflict and atmosphere."--Booklist on The Last Dark Place

"Kaminsky's finest series."--Kirkus Reviews on the Abe Lieberman series

"Not Quite Kosher is tough enough to convince a reader that Chicago has some authentic mean streets and gentle enough to appeal to a wider mystery-loving audience. Every page is a pleasure to read."--Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine

"Jam-packed with the stuff of good crime fiction--character, style, place, recognizable human conflict."--The Washington Post on The Big Silence

"Characters so real that they seem familiar old friends or terrifying old enemies are well-defined and believable, and the story line is intelligent and nimble."
--The Dallas Morning News on The Big Silence

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  • Stuart M. Kaminsky

  • Stuart M. Kaminsky is the Edgar Award-winning author of the critically acclaimed Lew Fonesca, Inspector Rostnikov, and Abe Lieberman mystery series, which includes such titles as  Not Quite Kosher, The Big Silence, and The Last Dark Place.  He lives with his family in Sarasota, Florida.





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