The 4 Day Detox

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Dr. Ian Smith's diets really work. America has lost millions of pounds following his bestselling programs: The Fat Smash Diet, Extreme Fat Smash and, his newest, The 4 Day Diet—an eating plan that allows readers to avoid the normal (and fatal) pitfalls of dieting.  Now you can try THE 4 DAY DETOX: the first of seven four-day modules straight from The 4 Day Diet by Dr. Ian.

As seen on “The Rachael Ray Show” and “Celebrity Fit Club”, THE 4 DAY DETOX will charge up your system and remove some of the toxins your body may have accumulated and that keep you in an unhealthy eating rut.  In his detox, Dr. Ian provides specific marching orders for invigorating, extremely healthy foods that not only mop up the toxins floating around in your body but naturally increase your energy and prime you to lose excess pounds.

THE 4 DAY DETOX will cleanse your body, help you lose weight fast, and focus your mind on what you can do when you commit to change. 


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Introduction Losing weight is 80 percent mental and 20 percent physical. Most people spend a great deal of time debating which diet is best and arguing the merits that distinguish one plan from another. Not enough time, however, is spent “training the brain” to take on one of life’s toughest journeys—the journey of weight loss. I have worked with thousands of people who have struggled and succeeded in their weight-loss efforts, and I have learned a tremendous amount from their personal experiences. Each person has talked enthusiastically about the most critical piece

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  • The 4 Day Detox by Ian K. Smith, M.D.--Audio Excerpt

    Listen to this audiobook excerpt from Dr. Ian K. Smith's book The 4 Day Detox, a selection from his hit diet book The 4 Day Diet. Dr. Ian Smith's diets really work. America has lost millions of pounds following his bestselling programs: The Fat Smash Diet, Extreme Fat Smash and The 4 Day Diet—an eating plan that allows readers to avoid the normal (and fatal) pitfalls of dieting. Now you can try The 4 Day Detox: the first of seven four-day modules straight from The 4 Day Diet by Dr. Ian. As seen on "The R



Praise for The 4 Day Detox

Praise for THE 4 DAY DIET:
“If you ate your way through the holidays, Dr. Ian K. Smith has got a plan to get you back on track.”—Heart & Soul Magazine
“The perennially positive diet guru.”—Elle
“Dr. Smith is ever the motivator.”—The Dallas Morning News

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  • Ian K. Smith, M.D., is the number one bestselling author of The Fat Smash Diet, Extreme Fat Smash Diet, The 4 Day Diet, Happy and EAT. He is a medical contributor on The View and The Rachael Ray Show, the diet expert on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club, and host of the nationally syndicated radio show Healthwise on American Urban Radio Networks. He writes a medical column for Men’s Health magazine. He has written for various publications including Time and Newsweek, and been featured in People, Essence, Ebony and Cosmopolitan, among others. He is a former medical correspondent for NBC and for NewsChannel 4 in New York, where he filed reports for NBC’s Nightly News and The Today Show. In 2007, he created the 50 Million Pound Challenge, a free national weight loss initiative with a growing list of more than 1.9 million people registered. Dr. Smith graduated from Harvard College with an AB and received a master’s in science education from Columbia University. He attended Dartmouth Medical School and completed the last two years of his medical education and graduated from the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. A native of Danbury, Connecticut, Dr. Smith currently resides in Manhattan.


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The 4 Day Detox



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