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The Accountant's Guide to the Universe

The Accountant's Guide to the Universe

Heaven and Hell by the Numbers

Craig Hovey

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They said it couldn't be done, but The Accountant's Guide to the Universe is the first entertaining book on accounting written for a general audience.

The book opens with a wild premise: Heaven and Hell have been outsourced to a giant company in a distant galaxy and they are now in charge of determining who goes where after death. The entire universe is scoured for an objective system that can be adapted to the task, and it is found, in the form of accounting, in the least civilized backwater of the universe, Earth!

The book is also a morality tale. It demonstrates how financial scandals (a la Bernie Madoff and many others) can be pulled off with "creative accounting," and how much a person adds or subtracts from the universe by their actions.

Written for anybody who has taken an accounting class, practices it for a living, or is simply interested in seeing how a system designed to record finances can also be used to judge the entire universe will be enlightened by The Accountant's Guide to the Universe.


Chapter One: The Outsourcing of Heaven and Hell
First you learn to measure with dollars. Then you gain the sense to account for eternity.

Accounting's rise to eternal prominence began soon after God outsourced Heaven and Hell to AudiTrix....


Praise for The Accountant's Guide to the Universe

"This lighthearted instruction manual on accounting is not only witty in its application to the hereafter, but also has valuable perspective on financial rules and practices that will entertain and educate people within and outside the accounting industry. It is an excellent book." - Booklist

Dilbert meets Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in this hilariously quirky book about God 'outsourcing Heaven and Hell' to an accounting firm. A quick and fun read – by the end, you’ll be amazed how much you’ve learned about finance and accounting.” – University of St. Thomas Libraries

About the author

Craig Hovey

CRAIG HOVEY teaches economics at Nazareth College in Rochester, New York.

Craig Hovey

Craig Hovey

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