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The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique

A Complete Course in How to Hold and Use Your Body for Maximum Energy

John Gray

St. Martin's Griffin


Trade Paperback

The Alexander Technique is a proven process of mind and body reeducation that reduces stress and muscle tension, and revitalization those who practice it. Used by many actors, athletes, and dancers, the technique can help anyone increase his or her energy and achieve a more dynamic presence.

Written by a veteran instructor of the Alexander Technique, this authentic and easy-to-follow guide allows everyone to learn the increasingly popular program, with clear instructions for each exercise, and dozens of helpful photographs that show correct and incorrect positions to use for the exercises and throughout the day.


Praise for The Alexander Technique

“Like other brilliant techniques, Alexander is tremendously simple but difficult to practice well. With John Gray one can enrich one's experience enormously. His teaching has been of great help to me.” —Kenneth Branagh, star and director of film Henry V

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