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The Barn Owl

The Barn Owl

Animal Lives

Sally Tagholm; Illustrated by Bert Kitchen



Trade Paperback

A detailed look at the seldom-seen life of a barn owl. Parents and kids discovering nature together will find this a thought-provoking introduction to the appreciation of a wild animal in its natural habitat.
- ASPCA bibliography: Kids, Animals, & Literature
- A NAPPA Honors Award-winner
- An NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Book for Children


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About the author

Sally Tagholm; Illustrated by Bert Kitchen

Sally Tagholm's works include The Complete Book of the Night, The Barn Owl, and The Rabbit, both NSTS-CBC Outstanding Science Trade Books for Children (Kingfisher -- Animal Lives series), described by The Kirkus Reviews as "handsome, informative, inexpensive titles with outstanding illustrations." The Barn Owl, described by School Libary Journal as "an outstanding offering, " was also a National Association of Parenting Publications of America (NAPPA) award winner.

Nature books for children are Bert Kitchen's specialty. He illustrated all the titles in Kingfisher's award-winning Animal Lives series.

Sally Tagholm

Bert Kitchen

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