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The Bear-Proof Investor

The Bear-Proof Investor

Prospering Safely in Any Market

John F. Wasik

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Proven strategies for keeping your money safe and your investments growing no matter which direction the market is heading

After so many years of booming bull markets, the recent downturn has thrown a scare into millions of Americans. Novice investors are watching the news from Wall Street and wondering if they have any business being in the stock market anymore. And if not, what then?

Veteran personal-finance author John F. Wasik has carved out a niche for himself dispensing time-tested, commonsense advice for the average middle-income investor and for working families-in other words, the overwhelming majority of Americans. Here, Wasik focuses on protecting, and even growing, your assets even if the market hunkers down for a long cold spell. His timely wisdom focuses on trend-proofing your portfolio, capitalizing on inescapable demographic shifts, identifying the long-term winners, value investing, dividend reinvestment, and dollar-cost averaging.

For the millions of Americans who want to stop worrying about their money, The Bear-Proof Investor is a lifesaver.


Praise for The Bear-Proof Investor

“You will never be truly powerful until you take control of your own money: how you think about it and how you invest it. This book will show you how.” —Suze Orman, bestselling author of The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom on The Late-Start Investor

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John F. Wasik

John F. Wasik is the author of The Kitchen-Table Investor (0-8050-6623-3), The Late-Start Investor (0-8050-5502-9), The Investment Club Book, and Retire Early-and Live the Life You Want Now (0-8050-6349-8). He is an award-winning special-projects editor of Consumer's Digest magazine and a lecturer at the University of Chicago. He lives with his family in Lake County, Illinois.

John F. Wasik

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