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The Bluest State

The Bluest State

How Democrats Created the Massachusetts Blueprint for American Political Disaster

Jon Keller

St. Martin's Griffin



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What's Happened to Massachusetts?

At one time, Americans thought of Massachusetts with pride. It was the place where the charge against British oppression was incubated and first battle of the Revolutionary War was fought. What do Americans picture when they think of Massachusetts today? They think of taxes on everything that moves. They think of unctuous, doomed Presidential candidates from Michael Dukakis to John Kerry. And, most of all, they think of "Kennedy Country" - not the moderate politics of John F. Kennedy, Jr., but a place influenced by the ideology of his little brother, Ted, a punch line for bad political jokes and the relic of a dream gone bad. Over the past thirty years, Massachusetts has been the test kitchen for the baby boom's political impulses and instincts, with devastating results that have national implications. Unfortunately, the story of Massachusetts' decline has national implications. Other states share its problems. And the cautionary tale of their mishandling in Massachusetts speaks to a broader issue. What's gone wrong with the Democratic Party? Jon Keller, a veteran political commentator, shows how the collapse of the Massachusetts Miracle into the Massachusetts Miasma mirrors chronic failures within the Democratic Party and American liberalism in a timely warning to the party for the election ahead.


Chapter 1

On that dark April day in 1968 when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, a boomer political icon was sanctified. Sen. Robert F. Kennedy broke the news of King's murder to a black audience in Indianapolis with a speech...


Praise for The Bluest State

“Keller exposes the gaping hypocrisy between soaring, Kennedy-esque political ideals and the state's harsher realities, which are far removed from Camelot.” —The Boston Globe

“A member of the generation and privilege he criticizes, Keller writes with passion as well as long and deep knowledge of the politics of Massachusetts and its once proud heritage in national politics.” —Booklist

“Jon Keller has kept his gimlet eye on the politics of this state for many years, and The Bluest State explains how and why the Bay State keeps inflicting its politics on us.” —Michael Barone, A Senior Writer for U.S. News & World Report and Co-author of The Almanac of American Politics

“A scathing critique of the Massachusetts political (and politically correct) establishment. A 'must-read'.” —South Boston Online

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About the author

Jon Keller

JON KELLER is widely acknowledged as the most respected political analyst in New England. His reports are seen daily on WBZ-TV, Boston's CBS affiliate, where he also hosts a weekly political interview program and writes a daily weblog. His morning commentaries on WBZ radio reach over half a million commuters.

Jon Keller

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