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The Blue Wolf

The Blue Wolf

The Epic Tale of the Life of Genghis Khan and the Empire of the Steppes

Frederic Dion; Translated from the French by Will Hobson

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The winner of one of France's most prestigious literary prizes, The Blue Wolf is the epic historical novel of Genghis Khan

At the height of his power, Genghis Khan unified four hundred tribes and was feared by men from Baghdad to Peking. Like Napoleon, he imposed a pitiless regime on the people he subjugated; like Caesar, he led his troops with a merciless code of conduct. But even the greatest of rulers have a beginning.

In Frederic Dion's The Blue Wolf, the father of Temudjin, the future Genghis Khan, has been murdered by the Tartars, the most feared enemy of his clan. The young Temudjin burns to regain his rightful inheritance, and as a young warrior he leads a series of bloodthirsty battles where he suppresses and integrates the many tribes of his land, until at last he is crowned King of the Oceans, the Blue Wolf—Genghis Khan. But soon, his hunger for power becomes increasingly violent and leads him to experience overwhelming paranoia and a growing mistrust of old friends and allies.

In The Blue Wolf, Frederic Dion writes of battles, horses, and of a great civilization. This is the searingly powerful novel of a ferocious ruler's roots and his life in the endless and rugged lands of the steppes.


Praise for The Blue Wolf

“Homeric has written a marvellous book in the strict sense of the word: it's a thundering and astonishing read.” —Le Figaro Literaire

“A majesterial epic.” —L'Express

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About the author

Frederic Dion; Translated from the French by Will Hobson

Frederick Dion is a journalist, writer, and director living in France. He has directed four films and written three previous, highly acclaimed books.

Frederic Dion

Frederic Dion

Will Hobson

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