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The Change Agents

The Change Agents

Decoding the New Work Force and Workplace

Liz Nickles

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What does it mean when decision making has speeded up beyond imagining? When life and work are fused rather than relegated to their own places and times? What about the impact of the serial career on industries built with the expectation that they were training employees for the long haul?

Based on unique research and interviews, The Change Agents is a clear-eyed examination of what living in a wired world really means to organizational behavior and individual empowerment. The media has been full of stories of the dizzying ascents and fast falls of dot-commers over the last few years, but The Change Agents shows how the rest of the world -- from top CEOs to the guys in the mailroom -- is irrevocably affected by a paradigm shift as wrenching as the industrial revolution.

Nickles has identified a self-empowered group she labels "Change Agents" who are demanding more power in the workplace than previous generations were granted after years with a company - and they are getting it. The Change Agents shows how they do it and why it matters. Backed by exclusive statistical research and scores of personal interviews, Faster Forward is a revealing and significant look at the future for everyone who works today.


BlackBerries. We've got to get them their BlackBerries. Have the BlackBerries been ordered?" The mood in the New York conference room of one of the world's largest financial institutions was tense....


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Liz Nickles

Liz Nickles is a nationally recognized expert in strategic marketing and brand development. Her research firm, Nickles & Ashcraft, pioneered the assumptions about women in the workplace and teens in the twenty-first century. She is currently director of branding, marketing and advertising at Credit Suisse First Boston. She lives in Westchester County, NY with her husband and son.

Liz Nickles

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