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The Conquest of Morocco

The Conquest of Morocco

A History

Douglas Porch

Farrar, Straus and Giroux



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The Conquest of Morocco tells the story of France's last great colonial adventure. At the turn of the twentieth century, Morocco was a nation yet to emerge from the Middle Ages, ruled by local warlords and riven by religious fanaticism. But in the mad scramble for African colonies, Morocco had one great attraction for the Europeans: it was available. In 1903, France undertook to conquer the exotic and backward country. By the time World War I broke out the conquest was virtually complete.

Based on extensive original research, The Conquest of Morocco is a splendid work of popular history.


The Conquest of Morocco

Colonies can be conquered by accident. This may at first appear unlikely when we contemplate the immense colonial empires that Europe once possessed--such elaborate...


Praise for The Conquest of Morocco

“The conquest of Morocco was a great game--a picaresque war of modern times . . . Porch has brought it all back, including the Camel Corps and the never-never land of Sidi Bararni. Throw in von Sternberg and Dietrich-Charles Boyer, too-and what a movie it might have made.” —The Boston Globe

“A colorful account. . .Douglas Porch tells the story of the conquest of Morocco with wit, wisdom and a proper appreciation of the accidents of history.” —The New York Times Book Review

“[An] exotic and bravura popular history.” —Newsweek

“A lively chronicle . . . A good and valuable book.” —The Washington Post Book World

“Porch applies his considerable wit and notable literary style to an exciting story ringing with ancient and modern war cries.” —The Chicago Sun Times

“An entertaining history.” —The Atlantic Monthly

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About the author

Douglas Porch

Douglas Porch is a military historian and the author of The Path to Victory: The Mediterranean Theater in World War II (FSG, 2003). He is a professor of national security affairs at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California.

Douglas Porch

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