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The Core

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The State of Education in the United States 

1. What percentage of American high school students graduate as proficient readers?

a.) 74%
b.) 68%
c.) 55%
d.) 48%


2. In 2006, what percentage of high school seniors graduated?

a.) 80%
b.) 70%
c.) 60%
d.) 50%


3. In 2004, China graduated 500,000 engineers, India graduated 200,000 engineers, and the US graduated:

a.) 450,000
b.) 225,000
c.) 150,000
d.) 70,000


4. What percentage of American adults are proficient in reading prose?

a.) 67%
b.) 45%
c.) 23%
d.) 15%


1. d.),  2. c.),  3. d.),  4. d.)

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