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The Crisis

The Crisis

A Dan Lenson Novel

Dan Lenson Novels (Volume 12)

David Poyer

St. Martin's Press




Naval Commander Dan Lenson and his Tactical Analysis Group specialize in out of the box military assign ments. Comprising sailors, Navy SEALS, and civilians, the group investigates and defuses naval threats around the world.

Dan and his team are assigned to "transform" a patrol craft squadron in the Red Sea into a leaner, meaner Navy. Mean - while, in northern Africa, drought and famine have brought a nation to the brink of civil war. When the United States decides on intervention to stabilize the region, Dan and his team become the point people for the humanitarian mission. When a charismatic young jihadist coordinates a ferocious insur gency against the U.S. presence, Dan and his team must kill him in order to save thousands of lives.

With exciting action, espionage, and exotic locales, The Crisis asks bigger questions about our obligations to relieve the suffering of other countries, the risk of American lives to rescue foreigners, and the role of democratic government in nations with no central leadership.


Prologue: The Village
A turtle crawled into a hole, it crawled inside of an ostrich's hole." The little girl hops from puddle to puddle, crooning to herself. A tin bracelet jingles.
Diin god gal, god gorey gal, Gorey god gal, god diin gal....


Praise for The Crisis

“Vivid...the action builds to a conclusion that's both tragic and ironic.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Once again, Dan Lenson is a hero among heroes.” —The Officer magazine

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About the author

David Poyer

DAVID POYER's military career included service in the Atlantic, Mediterranean, Arctic, Caribbean, Persian Gulf, and Pacific. He lives with his wife and daughter on Virginia's Eastern Shore

David Poyer

David Poyer

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