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The Diet Pill Guide

The Diet Pill Guide

The Consumer's Book of Over-the-Counter and Prescription Weight-Loss Pills and Supplements

Deborah R. Mitchell and David Dodson

St. Martin's Griffin



Can you lose weight by taking a pill, powder, or tea? Find out the truth--and the risks...

Containing up-to-date, authoritative information, The Diet Pill Book spells out what over 200 name-brand products contain and analyzes the validity of the manufacturers' claims. Warnings, cautions, and possible allergic reactions are clearly stated. This essential reference covers:

* Prescription weight loss products including: Mazanor, Xenical, and Meridia
* Single ingredient, over-the-counter weight management products including: Chitosan, Chromium picolinate, and Pyruvate
* Combination over-the-counter weight loss products, including: dieter's teas, herbal laxatives, metabolism boosters, and fat-reducing soap

Each entry explains:

- Whether or not the ingredients promote weight loss, and if so, how
- If the dosage is sufficient to promote weight loss
- If there are any reliable studies to support manufacturers' claims
- If the product is safe; if it interacts with other drugs or foods, and what its potential side effects might be

Before you take any weight-loss product, protect your health, and save your money with:

The Diet Pill Book

About the author

Deborah R. Mitchell and David Dodson

Deborah Mitchell is a medical writer and journalist whose articles have appeared in professional journals as well as national consumer magazines. She has authored or co-authored ten books about various health topics, including The Natural Health Guide to Headache Relief, co-authored with Paula Maas, M.D., The SAM-e Solution, MSM: The Natural Pain Relief Remedy, Nature's Painkillers, and The Dictionary of Natural Healing. Ms. Mitchell is an experienced collaborator, a meticulous researcher and is highly skilled at making complex technical information easy to understand. She lives and works in Tucson, Arizona.

David Charles Dodson, M.D. is Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine. He specializes in clinical nutrition and the treatment of obesity and maintains a private practice based at the Newton-Wellesley Hospital.

David Dodson

Deborah R. Mitchell

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