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Leslie LaFoy

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Lady Fiona Turnbridge is a fair, green-eyed beauty with a soft spot for injured animals—which is how she arrived on the doorstep of the tall, dark, and handsome Lord Ian Cabott, Duke of Dunsford, at midnight with an injured cat in one hand…and a pistol in her other. 
Ian, a former military surgeon with a cool demeanor yet uncommon good sense, is willing to help a damsel in distress—no matter how unladylike her behavior. Still, he has needs, too…and, in exchange for his efforts, he could use Fiona’s assistance with the young ward in his care. Ever since the sickly Charlotte moved into his home, Ian’s efforts to rehabilitate her have been met with sinister curiosity among his peers. But if Fiona were to move into the Dunsford estate, surely scandal could be averted. Now all he has to do is convince both women that his humanitarian heart is true—and perhaps find love along the way…..

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Chapter One

London, England

May, 1891

Duty is such a bore.”

The orchestra swept into a waltz and Harry lifted his glass of champagne to reply over the sounds of merriment, “Which is, I suppose, why they call it duty and not a grand old time.”

Ian Cabott looked over the crowd, over the brilliantly lit ballroom, and couldn’t see one person who appeared to be genuinely happy, or a single bit of decor that had been done for any reason other than to impress. A grand old time the London Season was not. It was serious business.

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Praise for The Duke's Proposal

“Leslie LaFoy is intelligent, sexy, fun.”
—Kasey Michaels, New York Times bestselling author
“Leslie LaFoy delivers wonderful, witty characters, and breathless romance.”—USA Today bestselling author Celeste Bradley

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About the Author

Leslie LaFoy

LESLIE LaFOY grew up loving to read and living to write. (This was a significant factor in her becoming the unofficial poster child of over-education. In the Liberal Arts no less.) After teaching high school history for many years, she focused her creative energies on her life-long dream of writing full time. When not made completely oblivious to reality by her current work in progress, she dabbles in every handicraft known to womankind and, twice a week and ever other weekend, dons her cape to be Hockey Team Mom.
You can visit her at

Leslie Lafoy


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The Duke's Proposal
Leslie LaFoy

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e-Book Agency
St. Martin's Press
St. Martin's Paperbacks
May 2007
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ISBN: 9781466829695
ISBN10: 1466829699
352 pages

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