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The Dwarf in the Drawer

The Dwarf in the Drawer

A Mischievous Parody

L. van King, illustrated by Chuck Gonzales

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Trade Paperback

I'm the Dwarf in the Drawer,
And I lived here before . . .
Before that darn elf—
That insufferable bore!

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It's the most wonderful time of the year! The time when tiny elves spy on all the little children and then go dancing off to tattle to Santa. . . . What? That doesn't sound wonderful to you?

Right. The Dwarf in the Drawer doesn't think so, either. Why does that dim-witted elf show up every December?

In the tradition of Goodnight iPad and Runaway Mummy, this is a hilarious parody of Santa's elvish spy—and a story that will make us all take another look at the true meaning of Christmas.


Praise for The Dwarf in the Drawer

“This very funny spoof of the bestselling Elf on the Shelf phenomenon offers a dose of holiday sanity for families beleaguered by Santa's ever-vigilant, shelf-dwelling lackey.” —Publishers Weekly

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About the author

L. van King, illustrated by Chuck Gonzales

L. van King lives with his family in the cozy suburban woodlands of Middle-Jersey. An avid yarnspinner, he is a storybook peddler by trade. This is his first contribution to that cause.

Chuck Gonzales is a Brooklyn-based illustrator who works internationally in publishing, animation, editorial, packaging, and advertising projects. He has illustrated many books for children, and created works for animated projects for Nickelodeon and ESPN.

L. van King

L. van King

Chuck Gonzales

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