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The Far Reaches

The Far Reaches

A Novel

Homer Hickam

St. Martin's Griffin



Trade Paperback

The year is 1943 and World War II in the Pacific rages on, with Americans engaged in desperate battles against a cunning enemy. Coast Guard Captain Josh Thurlow is on hand at the invasion of Tarawa, as the United States Navy begins throwing her Marines at island after bloody island across the Pacific. But nothing goes as planned, and young Americans go up against fanatical defenders.

As blood colors the waters around Tarawa, Josh flounders ashore through a floating graveyard of dead men and joins the survivors. Critically wounded, Josh expects to die. Instead, Sister Mary Kathleen, a pretty Irish nun, nurses him back to health, then shanghais Josh, sidekick Bosun Ready O'Neal, and three American Marines to a group of tropical islands invaded by a brutal Japanese warlord. Josh and his little band must decide whether to help the Sister ?ght the battle she demands, return to Tarawa and the "real" war, or settle down in the romantic splendor of the South Seas.

With an incredible eye for historical detail, edge-of-your-seat writing, and the talent of a master storyteller, Homer Hickam delivers another page-turning tour de force.


Chapter One

"Sister, we die now?"

"If it is God's will, Nango."

The American bombardment had gone on for nearly an hour, and it seemed the big sand fortress might collapse beneath the weight of the mighty shells. Still, even...


Praise for The Far Reaches

“Excellent.” —Kirkus

“Entertaining…compelling and historically grounded.” —

“Packed with action and pathos…[Hickam's] impressive writing skills chronicle a near-catastrophic battle early in World War II….it is here that Hickam injects his rich and colorful characters into the story.” —

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About the author

Homer Hickam

Homer Hickam is the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Rocket Boys, which was made into the acclaimed movie October Sky. He is also the author of the previous Josh Thurlow novels, The Keeper's Son and The Ambassador's Son. He is married to Linda Terry Hickam, an artist, who is also his assistant. They share their time between homes in Alabama and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Homer Hickam

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