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The Fellowship of Ghosts

The Fellowship of Ghosts

Travels in the Land of Midnight Sun

Paul Watkins



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From the author of The Ice Soldier, comes a real-life adventure among the fjords and icy mountains of Norway.

Certain geographies speak to people. We are awed by mountains, challenged by the ocean, haunted by the bleakness of deserts. The effect of landscape on human consciousness is at the heart of novelist Paul Watkins's exhilarating travel story. Long bewitched by the stark beauty of the Scandinavian Alps, Watkins sets off among the ice-clad peaks and dark fjords of the arctic with only a tent and rucksack. On the way, he stops at rustic inns, follows the paths of other solitary travelers, navigates the punishing weather, and confronts the magisterial presence of the past among these mountains--a journey that makes for one of our finest accounts of the life and the land in the frozen north.


Praise for The Fellowship of Ghosts

“A strikingly evocative and ghost-haunted travelogue.” —The Times (London)

“It is the silence, the stillness, that captivates him the most and which he artfully conveys in this most captivating of books.” —Chicago Tribune

The Fellowship of Ghosts is a beautifully written account of Watkins's travels in the Arctic tundra.” —Tatler magazine (U.K.)

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About the author

Paul Watkins

Paul Watkins is the author of ten novels and the memoir Stand Before Your God. He attended The Dragon School, Eton, and Yale, and currently lives with his family in Princeton, New Jersey, where he teaches at the Peddie School and Lawrenceville Academy.

Paul Watkins

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