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The Fire Thief Fights Back

The Fire Thief Fights Back

Fire Thief

Terry Deary




Sam and his mother are swindling the people of Eden City with their medicine show, selling "miracle" cures to their gullible audiences. When their ruse is rumbled and the Eden City residents go after them, Prometheus steps in to help out. Meanwhile, they find an unlikely ally in Zeus—who helps get them out of their predicament, but not without a cost. In exchange, he wants Sam and Prometheus to help settle a score with the monsters of Greek mythology. The Fire Thief trilogy builds to a spectacular showdown between the Greek gods and a whole crew of mythical monsters—with plenty of action and Terry Deary's unique humor along the way. Readers are in for an unexpected and memorable climax.


Chapter One
Ancient Greece-But I'm not sure when
The first part of my tale is from a book of legends. "Ha!" you say. "Legends
are just old lies. I want to know the TRUTH." Well, I have met one of the
legends, and I know that HIS story...


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Terry Deary

Terry Deary is the author of over 160 books. He writes both fiction and nonfiction to much acclaim and has a hand in the television, theater, and radio worlds as well. His Horrible History series has sold twenty million copies worldwide, and his books have been translated into twenty-eight languages. Deary has won numerous awards, including Blue Peter's Best Nonfiction Author of the Century in the United Kingdom. He was named a Doctor of Education by Sunderland University. For more information please visit

Terry Deary

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