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The Freedom Agenda

The Freedom Agenda

Why America Must Spread Democracy (Just Not the Way George Bush Did)

James Traub



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As we leave behind an era in which America tried to assert democracy by force (and often failed), the question arises: what part of our efforts to spread democracy can we preserve for the future? In The Freedom Agenda, James Traub traces the history of America's democratic evangelizing, offering an assessment of the George W. Bush administration's failed efforts abroad. And he puts forth the argument that democracy matters--for human rights, the resolution of conflicts, political stability and equitable development. But America must exercise caution in spreading it, both internationally and at home.


Praise for The Freedom Agenda

“The most penetrating look yet at the historical and theoretical basis for democratization.” —Gen. Wesley Clark, The Washington Monthly

“A nuanced guide for reaching a complicated, differentiated world. After Bush's certitudes, this is oddly thrilling.” —The New York Times

“Traub operates as a scientist, cracking open the notion of democracy to see what it consists of, examining why it works in some places but not in others.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Traub's discussion of 'democracy promotion' in foreign policy is more nuanced and more intelligently ambivalent than most recent books on the topic.” —Booklist

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About the author

James Traub

JAMES TRAUB is a contributing writer for The New York Times Magazine. He lives in New York City.

James Traub

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