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Christopher Forrest

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Michael Crichton meets Dan Brown in this novel of the real secret code hidden in human DNA.
Nobel Prize--winning geneticist Joshua Ambergris has made an astounding discovery that will shake the foundations of science: He has discovered a coded text hidden in human DNA.
Before Ambergris can change the course of history by announcing his incredible discovery, he is brutally murdered in his office at Triad Genomics, an international biotech company. Ambergris has left behind a labyrinthine series of clues that ultimately reveals the truth: There is a message from a much earlier, more sophisticated human civilization encoded in the human genome!
Who planted this code eons ago? And why? And can it be decoded before it’s too late? Ambergris’s protégé, Christian Madison, and his assistant, Grace Nguyen, must follow the serpentine trail to uncover a global conspiracy of silence, secrecy, and murder that spans the breadth of human history.
A shadowy group known only as the Order guards the ancient secret enciphered in the mythologies and architecture of Earth’s oldest civilizations and encoded into the very fabric of human DNA. Ambergris’s clues lead Madison and Nguyen through the mysteries of the Maya and ancient Egypt, the forgotten knowledge of Sumeria, and the enigmas of modern science. Pursued at every turn by Ambergris’s killers, Madison and Nguyen race to uncover the secrets of the Genesis Code before the Order can carry out the final, sinister step of a genocidal plan.
Driven by scientific fact and new interpretations of ancient writings, symbolism, and mythology culled from thousands of years of human history, The Genesis Code digs deeply into the questions of the real nature of the human DNA code.

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4:32 A.M., June 11
Manhattan, New York

The clock on the bedside table read 4:32 A.M.

And still no sleep.


Dr. Christian Madison, Ph.D. in genetics from Stanford and nonlinear mathematics from Columbia, hated taking pills.

Especially sleeping pills.

They left him with a sleep hangover in the morning, feeling groggy and dulled. So he tossed and turned, hour after hour, longing for a few hours of unconsciousness.

Time heals all wounds.

How many well-meaning friends and colleagues had trotted out that sad refrain?

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“Be prepared! The Genesis Code will make you question the fundamentals of mankind’s past. Cutting-edge science and lost history collide in a thrilling tour de force. A debut not to be missed.”
---James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of Sandstorm and Map of Bones

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About the Author

Christopher Forrest

Christopher Forrest is a civil litigation attorney in private practice in Sarasota County, Florida. He is a graduate of the University of Florida, St. Thomas University College of Law, and Harvard Law School’s program of instruction for lawyers. 

Christopher Forrest


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The Genesis Code
Christopher Forrest

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e-Book Agency
Tom Doherty Associates
Forge Books
December 2008
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ISBN: 9781466800199
ISBN10: 1466800194
304 pages

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