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The Gluten-Free Bible

The Gluten-Free Bible

The Thoroughly Indispensable Guide to Negotiating Life without Wheat

Jax Peters Lowell; Foreword by Anthony J. DiMarino, MD

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The definitive guide to the gluten-free lifestyle, completely revised and updated for the 2.2 million Americans with celiac disease

According to a landmark 2003 National Institutes of Health study, 2.2 million Americans suffer from celiac disease, an allergy to the protein gluten found in wheat. Since this book was first published in 1995 (as Against the Grain), Jax Peters Lowell has been helping celiacs follow a gluten-free diet with creativity, resourcefulness, and humor.

This edition includes chapters covering
- the latest research into celiac disease, and myths that have
been debunked
- how to eat out happily, including a short course in restaurant
assertiveness training
- how to eat in happily, including a discussion of online and
mail order suppliers and negotiating the supermarket as a celiac
- dozens of delicious new recipes
- drugs, cosmetics, and other products tested for celiac-safety
- a thoroughly updated resource section

Tens of thousands of celiacs have already enhanced their lives with Lowell's authoritative, witty, and practical guide. The Gluten-free Bible promises to bring relief to the new gluten-intolerant generation.


Praise for The Gluten-Free Bible

“The definitive guide to coping with wheat allergy and celiac disease....the author has left no resource untapped.” —Science News

“Lowell covers every aspect of living wheat and gluten free.” —The New York Times

“Be forewarned: This book is addictive. Jax inspires, educates, entertains. You'll laugh, you'll learn, you'll discover the abundant life that can be yours” —gluten-free."

“[This book] will bring tears of joy... It is a treasure and a must for every celiac's library.” —Elaine Monarch, Executive Director of the Celiac Disease Foundation

“With her trademark cheekiness and deep-hearted wisdom, Jax Lowell serves up another celiac classic.” —Diane Eve Paley, President, Celiac Society of America

“I have never read an allergy book that I could say had a heart, but this one does.” —Jim Burns, Food Editor, Los Angeles Times syndicate

“Aren't we lucky this talented writer is one of us!” —Alice Bast, Executive Director, National Foundation for Celiac Awareness

“Jax Lowell proves it's possible to live and eat happily ever after.” —Connie Sarros, The Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free Cookbooks

“Lowell has succeeded in creating a work that will inspire the patient, dietician, and doctor--RUN, don't walk, to pick up your copy!” —A. Myron Falchuk, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School

“...Just what the doctor ordered.” —Alessio Fasano, M.D., Center for Celiac Research

“A lot of attitude and a terrific sense of humor.” —New York Daily News

“A book that nurtures as it advises.” —Better Homes & Gardens, Cooks' Catalog

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About the author

Jax Peters Lowell; Foreword by Anthony J. DiMarino, MD

Jax Peters Lowell has been a diagnosed celiac-and gluten- free-since 1981. A lifestyle expert, advocate, and contributing editor to Living Without magazine, Lowell lives in Philadelphia with her husband and bread machine.

Jax Peters Lowell

Anthony J. DiMarino MD

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