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The God of War

The God of War

Chris Stewart

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It's meant to be the triumphant debut of the Ares, a US superjet named after the Greek God of war. With its ultra powerful laser and ability to easily outmaneuver anything else in the sky, the Ares opens a new era in warfare. But when it is stolen before of a crowd of international dignitaries, the President and his defense staff must use outdated technology to try to stop their creation from sparking a war between civilizations.

It's up to Colonel "Jesse" James to save the world from impending doom. But the obstacles will be numerous. He faces suspicion from the President's chief advisor, a romantic interest with unknown allegiances, and a terror plot that seems too obvious to be true. In his fourth novel, Stewart is in top form- fusing a high octane plot with hair raising flight scenes drawn from his career as a fighter pilot.

"The plane’s the real star, of course, and the book soars when it’s in its natural habitat, the sky." - Publishers Weekly


Chapter 1

Upper Bitterroot Mountains
Central Idaho

The man masked his power very well.

He looked to be about fifty, though he was almost ten years older and clearly in good shape, with long legs and well-defined arms. He had...


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Chris Stewart

Chris Stewart is a former U. S. Air Force pilot assigned to fly the SR-71 Blackbird and B-1 bomber. He is the author of four other successful and acclaimed thrillers, Shattered Bone, The Kill Box, The Third Consequence, and The Fourth War. He lives in Farmington, Utah.

Chris Stewart

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