The Green and the Gray

Timothy Zahn

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Timothy Zahn, author of Heir to the Empire, the best selling Star Wars novel of all time, has crafted a fresh, suspenseful tale of conflict in New York City that threatens to escalate into all-out genocidal warfare.

For seventy-five years the Greens and the Grays have lived quietly among us in the shadows of New York, alien refugees from a war of attrition that utterly destroyed the rest of their kind. Passing as everyday citizens, yet with powers and technologies unknown to humanity, each group has long believed that they are all that remain of their old world and their terrible conflict.

But now, to their mutual surprise, they have found each other, and the old hatreds and fears have once again risen to the surface.

And each side is preparing again for war.

On a cold October night, Roger and Caroline Whittier, a young couple struggling with their marriage, are accosted at gunpoint, and an unexpected burden is thrust upon them: Melantha Green, a twelve-year-old girl snatched from the hands of a peace coalition consisting of both Greens and Grays. The coalition had been preparing to cold-bloodedly sacrifice her in a last-ditch effort to prevent the impending battle . . . and it desperately wants her back.
As Roger and Caroline strive to protect Melantha and to understand the alien cultures they have suddenly been thrust into, they find aid in unlikely places. They're joined in their efforts by NYPD Detective Thomas Fierenzo, who's determined to prevent what he believes to be an impending gang war, and by Otto Velovsky, a former Ellis Island clerk who was present at the very beginning of the aliens' new life on earth.

Unlikely allies, unlikely heroes...and they have just one week to find a way to prevent New York City from becoming a battlefield the likes of which the world has never known...

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Praise for The Green and the Gray

"Zahn keeps the story moving at a breakneck pace, maintaining excitement."
--Publishers Weekly on Dragon and Thief

Praise for Manta's Gift:

"The direction Manta's Gift ultimately takes is inventive and unexpected . . . Zahn plays out his suspense as deftly as always, building a tense situation and ultimately defusing it in believable and pleasing ways." --Locus

"YA readers looking for more than the usual SF action-adventure should be well pleased."
--Publishers Weekly

"The author of Angelmass brings a new twist to a classic tale of human-alien encounter, combining fast-paced action and hard science with personal drama. A good choice for most sf collections." --Library Journal

"Another thoroughly literate sf yarn from Zahn." --Booklist

Praise for Angelmass:

"Angelmass is thus a serious SF novel sneakily posing as an enormous golden-age thrill ride." --Locus

"Zahn paints every futuristic detail with gleamy realism and mock scientific dialogue that streams with starship hardware and military trooper talk. Once underway, immensely appealing." --Kirkus Reviews

"Through in-depth characterization, as well as toothsome scientific and political mysteries, Zahn unfold an intricate tale of adventure sure to please his many fans."
--Publishers Weekly

"The latest novel by the award-winning author of the first published Star Wars trilogy, this combines fast-paced action with believable characters to produce a first-rate sf space adventure that belongs in most libraries." --Library Journal

"This very solid, very readable SF novel delivers the essential kick of the best work in the genre, and it would be encouraging if that larger audience picked this book up as well. It certainly delivers all the qualities of the best SF adventure writing. Recommended."
--Asimov's SF Magazine

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  • Timothy Zahn

  • Timothy Zahn has won a Hugo Award for his novella, "Cascade Point"; he's also the author of the all-time best-selling Star Wars novel, Heir to the Empire. His original work, including such novels as Angelmass, Manta's Gift, and the Dragonback series, is enormously popular, combining hard-SF ideas, characters you really care about, compulsively readable stories, and exciting action. He currently resides in coastal Oregon.
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