The Green Revolution

Any year when the Fighting Irish don’t go undefeated is a disappointment, but to turn in a losing football season is unheard of. This year the faithful are refusing to admit defeat even as the losses start to pile up. With the students in a funk and the alumni in an uproar, something must be done, or more precisely, somebody has to go. Since they can’t expel the team, they’ll have to settle for firing the multimillion-dollar head coach---but will a new coach satisfy everyone?

There are some---namely faculty members with a distaste for university athletics---who see this as their chance to refocus the school on academics. When the battle between Notre Dame’s academic and athletic traditions turns deadly, however, Roger Knight, professor of Catholic Studies, becomes a marked man.

Accustomed to working together, Roger and his P.I. brother Philip will have to go their separate ways in Ralph McInerny’s delightful The Green Revolution to unravel a campus-wide conspiracy and put the Irish back on top.


Praise for The Green Revolution

Praise for Ralph McInerny

“No Notre Dame alumnus . . . will want to miss it.”
---Kirkus Reviews on Irish Alibi

“The wit and wisdom of the two brothers and vivid descriptions of the Notre Dame campus enhance a twisty plot that will delight McInerny’s devoted fans.”
---Publishers Weekly on Irish Alibi

“Droll and charming, with more romantic shenanigans than a French farce.”
---Kirkus Reviews on Irish Gilt

“Mr. McInerny creates a pleasantly malicious microcosm for the antics that follow.”
---The Wall Street Journal on Green Thumb

“Most readers will be converted to die-hard Notre Dame fans and possibly Catholicism.”
---Kirkus Reviews on Irish Coffee

“From a master hand.”
---Library Journal on Irish Coffee


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  • Ralph McInerny

  • RALPH McINERNY is the author of more than forty books, including the popular Father Dowling series, and has taught for over fifty years at the University of Notre Dame, where he is the director of the Jacques Maritain Center. He has been awarded the Bouchercon Lifetime Achievement Award and was appointed to the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities. He lives in South Bend, Indiana.

  • Ralph McInerny Photo: Matt Cashore


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The Green Revolution

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