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The Hanging at Leadville / Firefall

The Hanging at Leadville / Firefall

Two Classic Westerns

Cameron Judd

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The Hanging at Leadville

Welcome to Leadville—a melting pot of Irish and Swedes, steelworkers and scam artists. Brady Kenton is America's foremost traveling reporter, and he's come to this violent, whiskey-stained, mining town to sniff out a story for Gunnison's Illustrated American. Alex Gunnison, son of the famous publisher, is along for the ride to help keep the trouble-seeking Kenton out of harm's way. But with a dead body found and lost, and an innocent boy running for his life, the two men already have more than enough headlines. Now they're on the hunt for a Civil War criminal who may at-large in Leadville—and up to his killing ways again...


Montana Territory, 1884. A huge fire has consumed the sin-soaked town of Gomorrah, just as crazy "Parson" Peabody, a drunken, broken-down preacher, had foretold. With the town in ruins, con man Gib Rankin sees a chance for profit…Meanwhile, young Alex Gunnison passes through Gomorrah looking for Brady Kenton, his friend and fellow Gunnison's Illustrated American reporter. Is the badly burned body he discovers really that of Kenton? What connection does Rankin—with Parson and a mysterious woman in tow—have to the lost reporter? And what of the unexplained "firefall" that seems to spontaneously ignite an entire town?


Praise for The Hanging at Leadville / Firefall

“Judd is a keen observer of the human heart as well as a fine action writer.” —Publishers Weekly

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Cameron Judd

Cameron Judd is the author of more than 30 published historical and Western novels, and is an award-winning newspaperman. Two of his novels, Crockett of Tennessee and The Canebrake Men, were national finalists in the annual Spur Awards competition of Western Writers of America. He lives near Greeneville, Tennessee, with his wife.

Cameron Judd

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