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The Happy Family

The Happy Family

What's Happening to Families ... and How to Save Yours!

Linda and Richard Eyre

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In their new book The Happy Family, NY Times #1 bestselling authors Linda and Richard Eyre argue that the social problems that are ravishing America--family breakups, escalating substance abuse, teen pregnancy--are the unfortunate result of hearts and minds turned away from the essentials of parenting, marriage and families. In this landmark work, the Eyres help parents to understand what is happening to their families and why parenting is so difficult today.

The eyres present powerful, practical parenting practices, including how to:
* Make a conscious recommitment to return your heart to the priority of marriage and family
* Teach understanding and discretionary use of the culture at large
* Reinvent time management with an emphasis on family
* Make communication your constant goal
* Create identity, security and motivation for children through family traditions and responsibilities
* Use "values therapy" in which the focus shifts away from wrong to the rewards and fulfillment of right.


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Linda and Richard Eyre

Linda and Richard Eyre are the co-authors of seven bestselling books and were the co-hosts of the national weekly cable television show "Families are Forever." They live with their family in Salt Lake City, UT and McLean, VA, and lecture throughout the world on family, balance and values.

Linda Eyre

Linda Eyre

Richard Eyre

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