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The Hyperactivity Hoax

The Hyperactivity Hoax

How to Stop Drugging Your Child and Find Real Medical Help

Dr. Sydney Walker, III, M.D.

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Each year, millions of children take Ritalin, which means thousands of doctors are diagnosing them with hyperactivity or ADD. But what do these diagnoses mean? Are drugs the answer for these illnesses? And most importantly, is your child getting the proper treatment for his or her problem?

In The Hyperactivity Hoax, neuropsychiatrist Dr. Sydney Walker cogently explores the medical minefield of hyperactivity and helps parents arrive at safe, effective answers for their children, without unnecessarily drugging them with potentially dangerous mind-altering medicine. Included in his in-depth guide is:

* How to determine if your child needs medical help
* How to find a good doctor, a real diagnosis, and effective treatment
* How to assert yourself when talking to doctors and school officials
* How to evaluate both traditional and alternative approaches to treating hyperactivity and ADD
* And much more invaluable information in caring for your child's health.

A myth-shattering book no parent can afford to miss!

"This book is a disturbing but compelling must-read for any parent whose child shows signs of a hyperactivity disorder or is using Ritalin now."--Publishers Weekly

About the author

Dr. Sydney Walker, III, M.D.

Sydney Walker III, M.D., is a board-certified neuropsychiatrist, Director of the Southern California Neuropsychiatric Institute, and founder of Behavioral Neurology International. His other books include Help for the Hyperactive Child, Psychiatric Signs and Symptoms Due to Medical Problems, and A Dose of Sanity.

Dr. Sydney Walker III M.D.

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