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The Indian Grocery Store Demystified

The Indian Grocery Store Demystified

A Food Lover's Guide to All the Best Ingredients in the Traditional Foods of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

Linda Bladholm; Foreword by Chef Neela Paniz

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A food lover's guide to all the best ingredients in the traditional foods of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Once upon a time we only had a few choices when it came to fine dining. There was American home-cooked, pretentious French cuisine, practical Italian, and Chinese takeout. These days, Indian restaurants are popping up everywhere, and for good reason. The food is amazing!

But how can you replicate the Indian dining experience at home? There are thousands of Indian grocery stores to shop in, but what should you buy? How do you prepare it? That's where this Take It With You guide comes in.

With 700 entries and over 200 illustrations, plus traditional stories and personal anecdotes about many of the ingredients unique to Indian cuisine, this guidebook identifies and tells you how to use the vast array of spices, rice, legumes, fruits, vegetables, and prepared foods at over 9,000 Indian grocery stores in America. A bonus section of the author's favorite recipes will help you create delicious, authentic dishes that will satisfy anyone's hunger and sense of adventure.


Praise for The Indian Grocery Store Demystified

“At last there is a book that takes you by the hand and gives a clear and fascinating tour of these markets. It couldn't have a better title.” —Amanda Hesser, New York Times

“[I]t's a perfectly economical vest-pocket guide that is a real gem.” —Russ Parsons, Los Angeles Times (also named one of the Times' Ten Best Cookbooks for 1999)

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About the author

Linda Bladholm; Foreword by Chef Neela Paniz

Linda Bladholm is an accomplished writer and chef. She resides in Miami Beach, Florida.

Linda Bladholm

Linda Bladholm

Neela Paniz

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